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Model of Interdependence, 2017



Interpersonal relationships- This is the issue that I began thinking about after going abroad. In the Czech Republic I have met a lot of friends who come from different countries. Even if our talking is not smooth, we still can have great communication and become very good friends. Though sometimes people who we have no language barriers with can’t understand so well. Therefore I began to think, for what reason that people can be attracted to each other and have a conversation, or what causes people to become closer friends.


In psychology, there is a term called: Model of Interdependence. Which has four stages until the intimate relationship: pooled, sequential, reciprocal, and comprehensive. Beginning from the unfamiliar relationship between each other to the new relationships as well as intimate friendships, I think people’s relationship starts from the dialogue. People must have a considerable interactive dialogue and will finally be at the level of interdependence.


My concept is the communication between people, which is comparable to playing table tennis/ Ping-Pong. When one side is serving a ball but the other side is reluctant to catch, it is just like one would like to open a topic for the conversation but the other person does not want to talk, so the conversation would not be established. Another situation is that people still can play the game even it doesn’t go well. It is like people trying to talk to each other even though they can not understand each other.

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