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Kaleidoscope, 2016



The echo chamber is an observational reflection of today’s social media. Our social media outlets are sometimes flooding with the same opinions and information when specific events occur. By creating an echo chamber this would restrict our perspective and block others opinions and information. In the end, we will only hear our voice that echoes in our comfort zone which we don’t even notice.

Topics chosen for this kaleidoscope is taken from the news in 2016, which were common events from CNN-2016 in Review, Google- the Year in Search: 2016 and 2016: A Year on Twitter. News that did not cause long time trending on social media is also included: race, environment, sexuality and war. Because society should become more aware about these important issues than just what is trending.


It brings to mind the kaleidoscope’s patterns which are caused by repeated reflections with the same materials. When everyone shares the same opinions/ information through different devices or websites on social media, it is as though all the information you receive just becomes repetitive and a reflection of yourself.




FULL: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - Final Presidential Debate 2016-

Third Presidential Debate- RBC NETWORK BROADCASTING

Why Protest? 'Black Lives Matter' Activists Explain- Complex News

UK: Brexiteers rally outside parliament calling for swift exit from EU-Ruptly TV

David Cameron resigns as British PM in wake of Brexit vote (FULL SPEECH)- RT

Protesters, security clash near North Dakota oil pipeline- Kendra Frazier

Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen - PPAP Song (original) PIKO-TARO- Best Of YoutubeI

2016 TAIWAN LGBT Pride- Leo Lee

Found Christmas Pikachu! Pokemon GO (Holiday Pikachu)-Pepchu

Drone footage captures devastation of east Aleppo- RT

Best Moments Rio Olympics 2016 Highlights Compilation- Street FX Motorsport & Graphics

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