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Information Deconstruction, 2016


148x105 mm

The project is based on the concept of limiting ourselves to only 24 pages of a newspaper and how it would shape our worldview. Using newspapers as a medium, JungJiea explores the idea of a filter bubble and visualizes what it would look like if we relied solely on them for information. Her aim is to raise awareness about the impact of filter bubbles on our perception of the world around us.



Step 1:Removing the advertisements which makes up 26% of the newspaper.


Step 2:Deleting all the pictures and illustrations which would not attract reader to read.

* JungJiea noticed that there had been 64% of images in the newspaper, and only 10% is consist of words.


Step3:After deleting the news that was not interesting to the reader, JungJiea found that in the end, only 4% of the newspaper contained new information.

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